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Quotes are free. Contact us today at 530-395-0122 to utilize our expertise. Our agents work hard to know the industry, and will strive to help you find the best Insurance Policy that meets your needs and fits your budget. Call us to sign up for Life insurance plans, Health Insurance plans, and many more services for Home insurance, auto insurance, and all other insurance needs.

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Whether you need Health Insurance, life insurance, home insurance, Auto Insurance, or any other type of insurance, Point One Insurance is here to help you find a policy that suites your needs. We are located in redding, CA and work frequently with clients all over  California.

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Your health is important and now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insuring it is the law. To figure out the best coverage and subsidies for you, your family, or your employees, click HERE or call us at 530-395-0122. 

Your ability to work may be the most valuable asset in your life. The average person will earn an average of $2 million dollars! We can help you protect that with Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance. Click HERE to learn more.

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Insuring property you own is important. Whether you need to insure your car, your house, or your business, we can help you understand the amount of coverage you need. Click HERE to learn more.

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