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Your corporation, and the protection it needs

As the planning you put into the future of your family contains many variables, so does the planning of your business. Life Insurance can be used to buy out your company and continue what you have built.

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As a client coming to Point One Insurance, you can always expect an agent who is fascinated with the business of insurance. 
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Your Business, and the protection it needs

Life is unpredictable, and employees that represent an important part of your business' income. Call us to find out how your business could use an affordable term life insurance policy to train a new member to fill in when you experience the loss. 

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Businesses most often purchase three types of life insurance policies: Key Employee Life Insurance, Buyout/Owner's Life Insurance, and Group Life Insurance. Life Insurance can protect your business if you or a partner in the business passes away. If one of your key employees dies, life insurance can pay to train a replacement. As a benefit, Life Insurance offers peace of mind to employees, and may be seen as a great perk for prospective hires. 
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