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Your Car, and the protection it needs

Getting insured is the law. Your Vehicle has the potential to be an asset, and a nightmare. California requires certain amounts of coverage for auto insurance, but those amounts may not be all you need in an emergency. Call us to find out what coverage you need.

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As a client coming to Point One Insurance, you can always expect an agent who is fascinated with the business of insurance. Whether you are in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, or anywhere else in San Diego, Point One Insurance is your one point for insurance expertise!

Your Vehicle, and the protection it needs

Motorcycles, Rv's, and a variety of vehicles including marine craft require insurance just as much as your primary vehicle. When you call Point One Insurance, we will outline the ways these special insurances can protect you, your property, and other people.

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If you have ever been in an accident, you know that expences can pile up. Through legal details, repair work, and injuries inflicted costs can reach astronomical levels. With this in mind, it is always smart to get a policy that covers a large amount. Liability Insurance covers for all damages that are your cost, while comprihensive coverage protects your own car. You will most likely want $500,000 or so in liability coverage. If you own an expensive car, you will need comprehensive coverage, and for a less expensive car, the comprehesive coverage can be quite cheap. You can use the tool below to quote for whatever coverage you need.