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Your Car, and the protection it needs

Getting insured is the law. Your Vehicle has the potential to be an asset, and a nightmare. California requires certain amounts of coverage for auto insurance, but those amounts may not be all you need in an emergency. Call us to find out what coverage you need.

What To Expect

As a client coming to Point One Insurance, you can always expect an agent who is fascinated with the business of insurance. Regardless of where you live in California, Point One Insurance is your one point for insurance expertise!

Your Home, and the protection it needs

Price is an important factor, but with Insurance, there is a constant battle between premium and the risk you take. From comparing a higher deductible, to looking comparing coverage options, Point One Insurance will find the right coverage for the cheapest price.

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For Home and Renter's Insurance


Home and Auto Insurance are both represented in the media as an area to cut costs. At Point One Insurance, we want to analyze your situation and help you make the safest choice. We will recommend a quote that will offer protection appropriate for your circumstance, and find you a great rate.